Friends of French Cuisine - Plot? what Plot?

Lineup and Credits

Salome Meyer Voice / Lyrics
Philippe Helfer Tenor/Bariton/Sopranosax, Flute
Nicolas Currat Piano
Martin Mital E-Bass
Douglas G. Taylor Drums
Samuel Levy: Sound engineer. recorded and premixed at Soul Sun Studio, Montpellier (F),18-22 december 2005 and January 2006  
Daniel Wäch: remixing and mastering, Basel (March 2006).  
production and copyright by Salome Meyer  
Daniel Fishman (Zürich): CD-Cover Design (coming soon)  
Thanks to: Maya and Sam for their hospitality, Daniel for his invaluable help and very special rates, everyone who helped make this happen. Very, very special thanks to Phillippe.  
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