The project

There once were some very lonely rhymes. they were stuffed away in a small room. Oh, they were kept entertained alright. They were woven, spun, twisted, turned. Yet still... they felt lonely. Thus after a while they started to complain. "This is no good", they said."It's getting crowded in here and, man, what's the use of all this anyways if we can't get out?"- "We want to have fun, enjoy ourselves. We want to get a life." So they whined and whined and whined. And after they had whined enough, they decided to get their acts together - they decided to team up with some sounds.

They were the saxophone/flute, the piano, the e-bass, and the drums. And a computer.

And so it happened that on a cold, windy day in december they gathered in a nifty little studio in the south of france and simply started to play. not a single rehearsal had preceeded the occasion. not a single song had been composed in advance.

Was there a plot? no, there was not.

Instead it was just one big cooking session. It was spontaneous. It was intense. It was spicy and sweet, hot and cold. It was not perfect, yet it was.

And when the session came to an end, the menu served was a sizzling fusion of lifestyle jazz and lyrical rhymes. And only very little artificial flavour.

Friends of French Cuisine

Plot? What Plot?

Album out soon

cooking at Montpellier, December 2005

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