Too long

Too long, have we been going on / with this course of action / what used to be red now wears a beard / and instead of mutually assured destruction / we see brutally matured corruption of minds / narrowed to beliefs of exclusion / Carrots feed the illusion of righteousness / the light caress of the wind of hope / has turned into a raging tempest / we would hang ourselves up on a rope / to be on top of it / sloppily we analyse / vocally we disguise / the lack of understanding / wise men debating, never ending / until they fall asleep / deep runs the fear of the unknown / easy to feel alone in a world that's grown too complex / conquest for the heart and for the minds / humanitarian aid comes to the rescue / of the remaining rest / you feel blessed you've never been recruited by some terrorists? well 99.999 per cent of the world's population hasn't been either / don't you see there's no difference between the leaders of today, the leaders of tomorrow / if we follow the same frame of reference / and call on huntington for guidance / the hunt is on and violence / will follow in its footsteps / seven sizes too big / oh look, van gogh has already painted the picture of what might be to come / right might be wrong or wrong might be right / this song might not be quite as expected / but we go with the flow / and if we erected a dam it would crumble / just like the scheme under pressure from reality / delusional to thing we're free / from the times we're living in but I will not be giving in to the easy way out / and I will not be walking on the thin ice with crowd / break in and drown in the sea of confusion / or go on faking knowledge if all we have is the illusion that torture caters for solid grounds / to base our freedom on / we might not be facing the music at home / but the music of the future and its melody is sad.

It makes me sick to my stomach / watching how their powers are growing / I wish they'd be bobdoling off their stages / I've turned to many pages without reading what was written / you think you can feed me like a kitten / and make me purr in your lap / I prefer to slap your face
and wake you up to what's going on around you / I found you wide eyed as I found me / staring at reality / trying incessantly / to get out of the mess we're in / or finding an exit strategy / but I can't find any / try me / and all I can give you are empty phrases / my vision glazes over with frustration / I cannot keep up with the pace it is too fast for me. There's no consolation at all.

composition: Currat / Helfer / Mital / Taylor
Lyrics: Meyer

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