Plot? What Plot?
Sometimes I feel like a slug put salt on me and I shrivel or like a puddle of mud dried hot in the sun or like the woman that's stung be the bee or like the bee that's lost its sting 'cause it stung me sometimes I feel like I'm food for the dark hell to put it in a nutshell sometimes I feel like this is not even close to what it is supposed to be like I chew my gum cause I feel like when bad gets worse at least it's me that makes the bubble burst.

I'm thirsty for life but I got a creepy feeling that some things might be wrong should I be fighting on or should I just leave it all up to the others? Maybe not maybe this would be too drastic rather I pour water onto the slug and into the puddle cuddle with the bee and be happy with what I got. And what I got, I log up in my diary which is not a very sophisticated work that would inspire me beyond the moment it's pwp and nc-17 creative writing citing exciting moments we shared last night suffice it to say it was most entertaining and quite all right with me and quite alright with you I think as well.

We put a spell on the beat and he said "dank u well, can I do something for you in return" and I said "you could actually tell me how to make you last forever break the mask and sever the link to the bad spirits" fast lyrics hypercritical critics are hypocrites. I lick me lips before I spit it out kick my slick lyrics and hit you with them quite profoundly get down with me get me to the laboratory and get me up again and again until I cannot understand anything any longer and if you hadn't come along I think I'd still be trying to be stronger than I am do not abandon me not now, not tomorrow, not the day after not ever we drafted a clever plot and we will not stop until we get to the happy end of it no sappy novel of friendship and shit this is hardcore it's far more than your usually boring parlour games it's not all the same to me far from sane but I will be samaritarianly rescued by you, left foot, right foot I'm going all the way, I'm going it with you.

composition: Currat / Helfer / Mital / Taylor
Lyrics: Meyer

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