A young boy hurling a stone / a man pulling the trigger / a woman lying on the ground / crying in stereo sound / seven-hundred and fifty million visions of the world / and the truth lies within the move of a finger / we think we remotely control / the wheel of fortune / sorting out what is to become important, adored and loved or detested / pay per view and view the slaughtered dead and arrested / we are not the ones to set the agenda / but we're the ones to surrender / to the overwhelming power of television essential details compressed / but who gives a shit about the digits anyway / a substitute for fantasies and for fans to see their idols / the latest bible comes with pictures / gaily flickering while the clock is ticking the narcotization of other role obligations / the cultivation of a mainstream pattern of behaving / we are craving for the gratification of needs / we develop under the supervision of the box / rewind the clock / watch black and white images / watch as the hero finishes off /his enemy / can it be / that this might be for real for him / to feel the pain but not for you so that is cool

Tora bora bomb / for a moral slump / to recover / we love or / we hate what we see / never too late to be / indifferently shocked / by the dog that barks at the dog until the fog lifts / attention shifts / minds adrift / to the next episode / of a long story cut short / it's a world view / it's a blurred view / I alert you / is subject to a curfew / / for your mind / have you heard / of the view who got lost in the sands / who were brought back / but merely waved their hands / at the camera / which wasn't what / we wanted to see / It's time to pause and reflect / about the cause and effect / of our truths / brutality cut lose / confused we stand before the alter of a better world / trying to figure out why we see but why the vision's blurred.

composition: Currat / Helfer / Mital / Meyer/ Taylor
Lyrics: Meyer

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