Why didn't you retaliate /to validate my state of mind / blinded by hate / an empty shell
painted with tears / I see the raindrops fall to the ground just like me / a sound of release is caught in my throat / it won't escape for fear that loneliness / will resonate to loud / i have all the space that I want / but I can't breathe / i thought I had it all figured out / but I can't make peace with myself / for what it's worth / not even the centre of the earth / could keep me stable / I've never been able to trust anybody but myself / to cross the line / and put myself into danger /to take a risk / I've always been a stranger to myself / I missed the chances offered to me / pissed you off in order to be free / I was waging wars for liberty / succeeding miserably / 'cause I was fighting myself and happened to free the enemy within / and without it I cannot focus anymore / my vision's clouded / I'm all self pity and I'm proud of it / but in truth I'm shattered to the core / I though I could gain freedom by retreating /by numbing my feelings / by shutting you out / but I didn't succeed and now I'm having some doubts / as to where I'm leading myself / I'm feeding myself with illusions / and cheating myself my own lies / I cry for the autonomy of choice I have been fighting for / turned out to be as empty as the choices / I thought I'd never had before.

This is where I'm headed this is where I'm going to. This is what I shredded when I tore myself from you - I never knew independence could hurt so bad inflicting a wound so deep it's nearly killing me.

composition: Currat / Helfer / Mital / Taylor
Lyrics: Meyer


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