water, as crystal clear as can be runs down the white washed rocks into a pool / a layer of cool air hovers above the reflecting surface / And nervous mossies / dancing their final poses / as lilies and roses / distributing their scents in heavy doses / behind the giant trees / the sun sets sending red rays as the night takes over the day / and the birds they sing their lullabies / in a chorus that carries their songs away into the skies / tell me why did you leave this scenery / why don't you come with me / and let yourself be freed like brother caterpillar will be / once he awakes from his deep metamorph sleep / keep up what mother nature made you for / keep smiling and don't cry no more / for what you see is what you get / and it won't get any better than that / and if that is the thing you want / then you will be the one / to bring the quantity of air I need to breathe and even more / for you renewed my life / to an extent that my head's a beehive of love / and even though I lost control, it's cool / cause you are natural.

just like the star that crossed chandrasekar's limit / to crunch and collapse into a point of immense density / our fantasy attract forces so far unknown and within eternity we'll become the guardians of wisdom / as everything appears to be so clear and in our eyes no more lies / polluting the truth obstructing the smooth flow of knowledge / why don't we share the experience why don't we tell the ingredients so they could understand the meaning and use of it all / for the sole reason that nothing ever escapes the black hole / and into the hole
is where we fall / when we make love it's push and it's shove / truly above and beyond the moon is where we slip / never too soon to be on this trip / of no return / I had to learn to break the limit / cause you are natural, forever the most beautiful and always o so sensual / never to be the one to call it off or say we're through / will I be when I am with you.

composition: Currat / Helfer / Mital / Taylor
Lyrics: Meyer

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